FreshClean Multipurpose Cleaner & Degreaser

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Hugely economical hard surface cleaner from just 6 pence per trigger spray fill.  Did you know you can also use FreshClean on concrete, carpets, stainless steel and glass?!

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Concentrated Powder Product. Dilute at point of use.   For use in trigger sprays, machines & mop buckets.

4kg tub will refill 1600 General Purpose sprays.  700g tub will refill 280 General Purpose sprays.

Hard surface cleaner which cleans most things from concrete to carpets and stainless steel to terazzo.  There is almost no hard surface it will not clean APART from polished floors/wood… For this you will need our floor maintainer FreshShine.

Light duty (General Purpose Spray dilution)
Hard Surfaces Laminate Glass  Stainless Steel  Bonnet Mopping

Serious Cleaning Challenges (Target Spray Dilution)
Stain removal  Spot Carpet Cleaning Heavy Degreasing Ovens Graffiti Deep Cleans Floor Stripping

No of fills you can make up from each tub:

All tubs contain a pink double ended spoon for easy dosage control:



MSDS Fragranced

MSDS Fragrance Free

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