Microfibre Towels (pk 5)

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A must for a sparkling, smear-free finish on glass and stainless steel.  Our large (40cm*40cm) can absorb a staggering 500ml of water along with an awful lot of dirt.


A tip for how to best use your microfibre

At 40*40cm, our thick microfibre towels will absorb up to half a litre of water meaning they leave a smear-free finish every time.

  1. Fold in half and then in half again
  2. You now have 4 sides to clean/buff with:
    1. Clean with one side
    2. Turn it over and clean with the other
    3. Fold it back for another
    4. Turn it over for another
  3. Unfold completely and repeat steps 1 & 2, folding so that you
    use the other side of the cloth

This effectively gives you 8 clean cloth surfaces to use and great results!

Microfibre vs cotton

Microfibre is highly absorbent.  Each fibre can be as thin as a human hair creating a HUGE surface area for dirt & liquid to bond to.


DO NOT USE Laundry Detergent or Fabric Softener… oils in products clog up the fibres making them less absorbent

DO NOT USE Heat… Rinse by hand/machine 40 deg,  Air/tumble dry on a low heat